Mr. President, Please Stop Visiting California

You Take Our Money. You Cause Massive Traffic Jams. And You Don’t Pay Attention to Our Biggest Problems.

Bad news: President Obama is coming to California again.

Mr. President, I realize such a statement may seem jarring to you and your strongest supporters. After all, our state (and this columnist) voted for you twice, and you and California are a near-perfect match on the issues. Heck, when you were first running for president, Maria Shriver said, “If Barack Obama were a state, he’d be California.”

A presidential visit to the biggest and most important state in the nation–3,000 miles away from the capital–ought to be an occasion to be anticipated, …

The President’s Coming to Town on Your Dime

We’re Well-Aware That Obama Brings Terrible Traffic to the Southland, But Do We Know How Much His Visits Cost—and Who Pays For Them?

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My concern …

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The U.S.-Cuba Saga Feels Like an Aging Soap Opera. Here’s Hoping President Obama’s Handshake With Raúl Castro Shakes Things Up.

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The Stuff Made of Dreams

Virginia Postrel Explains Why We Need Glamour

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