Give Every California Kid a Free Trip to Disneyland

Visiting the Happiest Place on Earth Is a Golden State Resident's Fundamental Right

On Christmas Eve, it felt like the park was all ours.

When I was growing up in the 1980s and early ’90s, Disneyland was so reliably empty on the day before Christmas that it became a family tradition to spend December 24 in the “Happiest Place on Earth,” often along with a visit to my grandmother, who lived in Anaheim. When my uncle, a Disney freak and expert park navigator, came down from Northern California to join us, we could ride every attraction in eight hours. Tickets got more expensive each …

What’s Good for Putin Is Good for California

From Aerospace to Hollywood Bad Guys, a New Cold War Offers Myriad Opportunities for the State to Prosper

Here are two words Californians should say to Vladimir Putin:

Thank you.

California, with its historic reliance on defense-related industries, never quite recovered from the end of the Cold War. Today, Los …

Be Nice, Murrieta. You Need Immigrants.

Why Is a City Made Prosperous By New Arrivals Turning Away Buses of Refugees?

To: The People of Murrieta, Calif.
From: Joe Mathews
Re: Recent Damage to Your Global Reputation

You can still be “The Future of Southern California,” as your city’s motto promises, but …

Yes, Airbnb Has a Dark Side

New ‘Sharing’ Companies Promise to Transform Everything From How We Vacation to Who Does Our Laundry. They Could Also Turn California Into a Battleground.

I have learned the hard way, as father to three small boys, that sharing causes conflict. Ask humans to play with the same toy at the same time, and it …

The Golden State Is Now the Gritty State

California Used to Be About Glamour—Today It’s About Toughness

California’s reputation as a supremely glamorous and wealthy place was once so entrenched that even its sports teams had to live up to the image. The “Showtime” Lakers of the …

Is Texas Becoming a California Colony?

Don’t Stress on the Flow of Californians to Other States. We’re Simply Remaking Them in Our Image.

I pulled my rental car over to a curb in Plano, Texas, next to the site of Toyota’s future North American headquarters, to be staffed by thousands of workers transplanted …