Political Correctness Isn’t Killing Comedy, It’s Making It Better

Diversity Among Comedians and Audiences Makes Room for More Laughs

Comedians have always had one simple guiding rule: be funny. That is, some critics say, until now.

Recent conversations dominating the comedy world in the past few years have a lot to do with a changing status quo. We’ve heard it in the arguments about whether the internet is really a democratizing force that rewards the best output (content is king!). We’ve seen it in the back-and-forth over the female comics alleging incidents of sexual harassment and assault.

Finally, and perhaps most visibly, we’ve witnessed it in the debate about whether there’s …

David Clarke

The Comic Book Creator Wants Cartoon Superheroes to Look Like the Kids Who Revere Them

At 5:09 p.m., I receive an email from Off Shoot Comics’ co-founder, David Clarke: “It was hard to find, but I made it to the Red Door! I’m just chilling …

When Louisiana Creoles Arrived in Texas, Were They Black or White?

Mixed-Race Migrants Came to Houston for Jobs and Ended Up Challenging Definitions of Race

Actor Taye Diggs recently raised eyebrows by declaring that he hopes his young son—who has a white mother of Portuguese descent—identifies as “mixed” instead of black. Diggs, who is …

Can Museums Create Common Ground in Diverse Societies?

It Won't Be Easy, but Their Fundamental Missions Are to Broaden Our World Views

The world is in the throes of a terrible refugee crisis, and we are in the middle of a national immigration debate here at home. Both show no signs of …

In L.A., Political Representation Isn’t Enough

Instead of Grabbing for Their Own Share of Power, the City's Diverse Groups Now Aspire to Build Coalitions

In Los Angeles, our highest aspirations used to involve the struggle to obtain a share of the power, so that we Angelenos and our different dreams would be protected and …

America Needs an Integration Policy

We Can't Take for Granted That Our Country Will Continue to Successfully Incorporate Newcomers

The United States takes in far more legal immigrants each year than any other nation on Earth, more than a million. We Americans have a great deal of confidence in …