The Heroin Epidemic Is Turning My Soup Kitchen Into an Emergency Room

I Never Imagined I'd Be Spraying Life-Saving Drugs Up an Addict’s Nose

In August, she drove two miles, past a large hospital, to get her boyfriend to our soup kitchen, but not for the food. She knew someone here would have Narcan, a life-saving overdose-reversing drug that, until recently, was unavailable here in Maine to people at risk of overdosing.

Her boyfriend was bluish and slumped over the passenger side of the van when he arrived. Brittney, a caseworker, administered Narcan and he survived.

Sternal rubs. Rescue breathing. Intra-nasal application of Narcan. These are the lexicon of emergency personnel—people whose job it is …

When a Felony Is No Longer a Felony

How Redefining Nonviolent Crimes Is Changing California’s Justice System

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LSD’s Long, Strange Comeback

The 1960s Counter Culture Soured America on Psychedelic Drugs. Now, They’re Returning to Our Laboratories (and Possibly Our Medicine Cabinets).

In March 2014, for the first time in over 40 years, a study of the therapeutic benefits of lysergic acid diethylamide—more commonly known as LSD—was published in a peer-reviewed medical …

Why My Mormon Mom Joined the Cannabis Lobby

Living With a Sibling With Epilepsy Has Meant Embracing a New Normal for Our Whole Family. The Fight to Legalize a New Drug in Utah Was No Exception.

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Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame?

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Could We Have Kept A-Rod Off Drugs?

Maybe Not, But We Can Certainly Keep the Next Generation of Baseball Stars Clean

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