LSD’s Long, Strange Comeback

The 1960s Counter Culture Soured America on Psychedelic Drugs. Now, They’re Returning to Our Laboratories (and Possibly Our Medicine Cabinets).

In March 2014, for the first time in over 40 years, a study of the therapeutic benefits of lysergic acid diethylamide—more commonly known as LSD—was published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. The study was conducted in Switzerland (where LSD was first created), and approved by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It showed that LSD-assisted psychotherapy significantly reduced anxiety in individuals with “life-threatening diseases,” including Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer.

This study is part of a recent wave of clinical research on psychedelic …

Why My Mormon Mom Joined the Cannabis Lobby

Living With a Sibling With Epilepsy Has Meant Embracing a New Normal for Our Whole Family. The Fight to Legalize a New Drug in Utah Was No Exception.

My 19-year-old sister is adorable. She’s fiercely independent, a little moody, and obsessed with movies. She’s also the reason my mother joined forces with other Utah moms to form a …

Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame?

Baseball’s Steroid Era Is Over. Now We Have to Figure Out Its Legacy.

Major League Baseball’s “Steroid Era” of the 1990s is over, but what should we make of the athletes who played during that time and the records they set? And, how …

Could We Have Kept A-Rod Off Drugs?

Maybe Not, But We Can Certainly Keep the Next Generation of Baseball Stars Clean

For decades, major league baseball players have been doing drugs of various sorts to improve their performance: amphetamines that got players amped up for games and through the long season …

Who Wins the Doobie Bowl?

Super Bowl Opponents Colorado and Washington Have Both Legalized Marijuana. But Only One State Can Declare Victory.

There will be smoke at the 2014 Super Bowl—at least in the living rooms of some Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos fans. Sunday’s contest pits the two states that have …

Yes, ‘Breaking Bad’ Got Albuquerque Right

My Hometown Is a Circus of Vice. I Love It Anyway.

When I tell people that I’m from Albuquerque, they usually tell me that’s where Breaking Bad is filmed.

Yes, I reply. Yes, it is.

Breaking Bad has given me a way to …