Campaign Finance Expert Richard L. Hasen

The Law Professor Who Was Nearly a Law School Dropout

Campaign finance expert Richard L. Hasen is author of The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown, writer of the Election Law Blog, and a professor of law and political science at University of California, Irvine. Before participating in a panel on the cost of U.S. elections, he confessed in the Zócalo green room that before he became a law school professor, he was nearly a law school dropout—and that chocolate is his kryptonite.

Where Karl Rove Was Right

Republicans Will Suffer For Leaving Latino Voters Out of the Big Tent. But the GOP Defeat Had To Do With More Than Just Immigration Policy.

Give Karl Rove a break. His meltdown on election night may not have been entirely about Fox News prematurely calling Ohio for President Barack Obama. After all, the poor guy had every …

Nation of Amateurs

Trust Might Be the Only Thing Keeping America’s Rickety Electoral System Working—And That’s Not a Bad Thing

Twenty-four hours after Mitt Romney’s concession speech—as most of America nursed election hangovers, pundits opined on what went wrong for Romney and what’s next for Obama, and Florida continued counting …

How Mormons Feel Today: Exhausted, Frankly

Mitt Romney’s Run, Win or Lose, Was Supposed to Make My Religion Unremarkable. Instead, Mormonism Took a Beating.

Now that the votes have been counted, how should Mormons feel about the consummation of the Romney era? To be frank, the emotion many Mormons—and certainly this one—feel is exhaustion. …

Why Election Day In Ohio Depressed the Hell Out of Me

We’ve Got the Mechanics Of Democracy Down Fine—But We’re Losing the Spirit

I just spent Election Eve and Election Day in the ultimate swing state and the heart of the presidential election: at a hotel in Capitol Square, in the heart of …

An Election Day in the Life of KTown

Zócalo Captures Photos of the Polling Places In Our Neighborhood

If you’re going to the polls today, take care to make your vote count (see Robert Benedetti’s piece for a few tips). Meanwhile, as we wait for results from across six …