The “Aliens” Taking Our Jobs Are Not the Illegal Kind

The Backlash Against International Trade Is Rooted in Real but Misplaced Fears

Can we have all the adults in the room stand up and chant in unison: “Who’s Afraid of Global Trade? Who’s Afraid of Global Trade?” That should calm us down. It worked for the three little pigs.

I understand that when things are going badly it is our human instinct to find the culprit among the “others,” which often means foreigners (excluding the countries from which our personal ancestors immigrated). Per President Trump, the Chinese and Mexicans are the wolves currently devouring our jobs. Let’s breathe deeply and think hard about …

The Cap-and-Trade Solution to Our Trade Dispute With China

Warren Buffett’s Three-Decade-Old Plan Could Finally Be the Right Idea

President-elect Trump’s criticism of our trading relationship with China and our trade deficit with that nation has produced predictable reactions. Economists warn against “protectionism” and the dangers of trade wars. …

How a Trump Economy Could Make Singapore Great Again

Restrictive Policies on Trade and Immigration May Shift Innovation to the East—and It May Never Come Back

Did the presidential election change the Pacific Rim as we know it?

During these days of transition speculation, there is plenty of talk about what president-elect Donald Trump’s victory means for …

The U.S. Can No Longer Remain an Island of Economic Tranquility

In an Interconnected Age, It's Not the World That Threatens Us—It's How We React To It

How’s the economy?

We have so many indicators to measure, you’d think the answer to that question would be as straightforward as the answer to the question of “How’s the weather?”

It …

Keep Sending the Mayor to Asia

To Drum Up New Business—and Dig Into Ever-Deeper Wallets—Cities Need to Connect Across the Pacific

When a California politician leaves on an overseas trade mission, as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti did when he went on a 12-day journey to Asia last November, public reaction …

Who Got Hurt By This NSA Scandal? California.

The Golden State Depends On Business With Foreigners For Its Prosperity. Now Trust Has Been Dangerously Undermined.

California and its businesses have a problem. It’s called the National Security Agency.

That may sound provincial. The debate over the massive NSA surveillance programs disclosed by Edward Snowden is a …