‘The Glutster,’ Javier Cabral

This Food Writer Will Eat Vegenaise By the Tub. Stinky Tofu? Not So Much.

“The Glutster,” Javier Cabral, writes about food, drinks, punk rock, and culture, and blogs at theglutster.com. He’s also a restaurant scout for Los Angeles Times critic Jonathan Gold and producer of Pocho Hour of Power on KPFK. Before participating in a panel on the state of L.A.’s plate, he talked Vegenaise, his hideously ugly (and uncomfortable) couch, and what he loves most about L.A. in the Zócalo green room.

How I Almost Didn’t Fail Algebra

Math Requirements Ended My Hopes of College. Are They Good Public Policy?

Algebra was responsible for the first F I ever got.

While I was never a straight-A student, I wasn’t a screw-up either. But tell that to Mexican-immigrant parents who dropped out …

Smacked to the L.A. Pavement, Without Health Insurance

When I Crashed My Scooter, I Had To Maneuver Like Hell To Not Spend a Fortune On Medical Care

Riding a scooter or motorcycle in the city of Los Angeles, when everyone else is in rush-hour gridlock (and you’re passing by them in a blur), is an adrenaline-filled adventure. …

In Defense Of the Liquor Store

It’s Just a Tiendita, and in East L.A. It’s a Way Of Life

On the second-to-last shelf from the floor, in front of the cashier at Pueblo Liquor in East Los Angeles, lay a dozen greenish bananas. They were sandwiched between a shelf …

East Los Angeles: Health-Food Mecca

If You Don't Believe It, Come Shopping With the Glutster

East Los Angeles has no Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. But it does have El Super and Top Valu. They are just as fulfilling. For the renegade vegetarian or the …