The Shame of Living in an Authoritarian Democracy

In Hungary, Nationalist Politicians Help Themselves (and Their Lovers) to the Spoils of Power

I was a young man studying journalism when conversation about the first Fidesz government in Hungary broke into our dining room. It ended with a dead political silence in my family.

It was 1998. Before that, the debates during family lunches on Saturdays had never been particularly meaningful; we never listened deeply to each other. I usually wanted to express to my parents my disappointment and hatred towards our leading politicians. But the rise of Fidesz—a conservative party led then and now by Prime Minister Viktor Orban—changed the dynamic in our …

Are Electric Companies Facing Extinction?

Solar Panels and Smart Meters Are Threatening an Industry That Doesn't Know How to Innovate

When the Supreme Court upheld the EPA’s right to regulate carbon and other emissions from power plants, it set off another round of complaint from the utility industry. Sure, this …

Former World Bank Executive Director Moisés Naím

Who Needs a Band-Aid When You’ve Got a Stone in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Moisés Naím is the former executive director of the World Bank, the former editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy, and was Venezuela’s minister of trade and industry in the early 1990s. An …

The Powers That Don’t Be

Moisés Naím Discusses Our Increasing Global Ineffectuality

Fierce contests for and enormous shifts in power are happening all across the world and all around us—whether it’s wars for control in the Middle East or shifts in power …

How To Stop Being Powerless

When Everyone Holds Sway, Nothing Gets Done. It's Time to Find Ways To Give Some People More Clout.

How can government give the ordinary citizen a voice and still get anything done?

In the 18th century, we began a long march of democratic empowerment. We struggled to free ourselves …

Don’t Feel Sorry for the Powerful—Yet

The End of Power

We frequently bemoan our incompetent leaders, but what if their shortcomings aren’t (all) their fault? When he became Venezuela’s minister of trade and industry, Moisés Naím found out firsthand that the …