Salinas and Yuma Are 500 Miles Apart—But Agribusiness Is Growing Them Closer

The California and Arizona Cities Have Been Fused by Consumers' Year-Round Appetite for Fresh Produce

Salinas, California and Yuma, Arizona are quite far apart—485 miles by plane and 600 by car.

But no two cities in the West are closer.

Salinas and Yuma are bound by two unstoppable California forces: salad and consumer expectation. We expect to have fresh salads on our tables year-round. In October, an arduous process makes that possible by linking the two cities. It goes by a deceptively simple name: Transition.

Transition happens twice a year. In the fall, major lettuce and vegetable growers and processors in Salinas literally pack up and move …

If You Can’t Beat the Bay Area, Join It

Solving Northern California's Toughest Problems Requires a New Megaregion, from San Francisco and Tahoe to the San Joaquin and Salinas Valleys

Welcome to the Bay Area, Merced!

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Small and Speedy, Gonzales Is a City on the Move

With a Growing Economy, Good Schools, and a Low Crime Rate, It's Outpacing Bigger Salinas Valley Rivals

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A Misunderstood City, Full of Aspirations

Through Years of Filming Salinas, a Documentarian Saw How Hard People Work to Improve Their Lives

These are the three things I knew about Salinas, California, growing up an hour north in the Silicon Valley: gangs, John Steinbeck, and agriculture.

Steinbeck was often required reading in …

Policing My Hometown Is a Labor of Love

A Deputy Chief of Salinas PD Explains the Challenges of Protecting the City He Grew up In

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Why You and Your Kid Brother Should Cuddle up With a Book

In Salinas, 80 Percent of Kindergarteners Lack Good Reading Skills. Their Older Siblings Can Change That

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