The Social Upside of Workplace Gossip 

Dishing Dirt About Colleagues Can Keep Them From Acting Selfishly, and Helps Coworkers Cooperate

Gossip has long been popular in the workplace, where employees seem to have a vigorous appetite for informally evaluating coworkers behind their backs. Recently, an increasing number of scientific studies have examined what motivates gossip, and how it affects individuals and groups both inside and outside of organizations.

Of course, if you ask most people, they are likely to say they deplore gossip, but as a social scientist who studies how organizations work, it’s clear to me that it plays a more positive role in the workplace than we might expect. …

Where Do Racism and Sexism Intersect at the Office?

Businesses Can Build More Inclusive Workplaces by Recognizing the Nuances of Bias

While the U.S. currently has a black president and a woman just made history by clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, both racial minorities and women still face significant barriers in …

Crashing the Turnstile at Knott’s Berry Farm

How I Learned to Push Through Life's Limits

Many of my middle-school memories feature my cousin Efrem scooping my brother Adam and me up in his ride and taking us to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park. Those …

Can U.S. Job Training Enter the 21st Century?

Congress’ New Workforce Act Promises ‘Innovation and Opportunity.’ But the Real Change in Job Training and Placement Is Happening in the Private Sector.

This summer, Congress enacted the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which governs the $3 billion or so spent each year by the federal government on job training. Secretary of …

Teamwork Doesn’t Mean We’re All Equal

A Collaboration Expert Tells Us What Goes Into Successful Partnerships

I’ve been in the collaboration business for a dozen years now. Most people (including my parents) have no idea what that actually means. Fortunately, they assume that if I’ve been …

It’s Time to Talk About Your Feelings in the Conference Room

It May Sound Silly, But You’ll Have Better Meetings If You Ask Your Colleagues How They’re Doing Before You Get Started

How should you start a meeting?

Some say it’s not how you start but how you finish. As someone who has built a career helping leaders run meetings that are enjoyable …