Stiegler tired doctor

I Fear the Coldness of Doctors

Earlier this year, a doctor I’d never met told me about the death of one of his patients:

I remember so well the morning our medical examiner came into my …

Modlin blackbird

Still Life with Ivory

If I could move I’d close the shutters he left open. I’d trap the windowsill blackbird in the house.

If I could move I’d take the pears—almost rotten as usual—from their …

woodworth toe tag backup (1)

Want to Donate Your Body to Science? Call Me

For over three years, I thought about death every day. This wasn’t some morbid obsession. It was my job.

A growing number of senior citizens—both permanent residents and part-time “snowbirds”—have …

World War I’s Heart Is Kept in the Heartland ZPS

World War I’s Heart Is Kept in the Heartland

World War I was one of the most destructive events in human history, killing around 16 million soldiers and civilians worldwide, including 116,000 Americans. It did more than just destroy …