ashcan school poem

The Ashcan School

Normally the score gets settled. The earth,
after all is said and done, gets it right.
An arrow straight to the bull’s fired-up heart.
In fact, as we speak, things …


What’s More American Than Skydiving?

When I quit my first real job, I didn’t have a plan. I just walked out with the recklessness of a Harvard graduate who had come of age during the …


The Call of Home at the End of Life

“In his condition, you’ll have to take him home business class,” the doctor in Beijing had said. “Bring sleeping pills.”

As we boarded our flight back home to Washington, D.C., …

John La Grange and his wife Linda

I Loved My Wife, But I Wished She Would Die

I occasionally flip my car radio to the right-wing AM station to get my blood pumping and to keep up on what people with a different worldview are thinking. When …

Brooding Grief by DH Lawrence

Brooding Grief

A yellow leaf from the darkness
Hops like a frog before me.
Why should I start and stand still?

I was watching the woman that bore me
Stretched in the brindled …