On Being Jewish, Perhaps

On Being Jewish, Perhaps

The staircase is L-shaped
with a huge cactus in the corner.
Be careful with that,
my mother says every time
we go to visit my aunt Pepa.
Today we are …

The Anti-Suicide Hotel

The Anti-Suicide Hotel

All the doors were open, dark,
A square tower,
Like a breezed hotel in Miami
If Florida were black & white.
My friend was not quite
My friend, but before …

Film Is Immortal. Filmmakers Are Not

Film Is Immortal. Filmmakers Are Not.

Less than two weeks ago, I found my Facebook feed flooded with remembrances of 27-year-old Sarah Elizabeth Jones, a second assistant camerawoman who was struck by a train and killed …

Will We Ever Conquer Old Age

Will We Ever Conquer Old Age?

Sooner or later, everyone ponders their mortality. It is the privilege of youth to be oblivious to death but the fate of old age to contemplate oblivion. Where such thoughts …

The Outdoors Don't Kill People

The Outdoors Don’t Kill People

As the leader of the Sierra Club’s Mission Outdoors program, I’m often asked if there are more outdoor recreation deaths today than there were in the past—or if it only …