John La Grange and his wife Linda

I Loved My Wife, But I Wished She Would Die

I occasionally flip my car radio to the right-wing AM station to get my blood pumping and to keep up on what people with a different worldview are thinking. When …

Brooding Grief by DH Lawrence

Brooding Grief

A yellow leaf from the darkness
Hops like a frog before me.
Why should I start and stand still?

I was watching the woman that bore me
Stretched in the brindled …

How Do You Grieve a Distant Father

How Do You Grieve a Distant Father?

My father was absent for most of my childhood and adult life. Not in the sense that he abandoned my mother and ran away. Absent in that he was unable …

Two Suicides in 12 Hours

Two Suicides in 12 Hours

My cousin Armando drilled four holes on the top of his garage in Oakland, California one day and installed a mini-basketball hoop. It was the early ’80s, and the Los …