Cyndi Lauper Is My Mascot

Muralist Judithe Hernández Also Promised a Friend She’d Read an Introduction to Wittgenstein

Muralist Judithe Hernández was a member of the East Los Angeles artist collective Los Four. Her newest public artwork, L.A. Sonata, will be unveiled at the opening of the new downtown Santa Monica Expo Station. Before participating in a discussion about whether artistic greatness comes with age, she talked about what she would have been if she wasn’t an artist, her cooking skills, and the book she can’t ever seem to finish.

L.A.’s Cultural Affairs Manager Grew Up Drawing Punk Rock Ladies

Danielle Brazell Considers Biking the Closest Thing to Flying

Danielle Brazell is the general manager of Los Angeles’ Department of Cultural Affairs. She oversees arts and cultural programming throughout the city. Before she participated in a discussion about the …

How an Abandoned Bus Station Became a City’s Creative Hub

Hailed as a Leader in Tijuana's “Rebirth,” the Terminal-Turned-Collaborative-Space Quickly Grew Into a Victim of Its Own Success

Standing under the multi-colored glass ceiling in the former Mexicoach bus terminal, Tijuana native Miguel Buenrostro asked a small group of visitors, “What does it feel like to destroy something …

How L.A. Can Keep Its Creative Hive Buzzing

To Nurture Artists, Writers, and Toy Manufacturers, the City Needs to Keep Encouraging Weird Ideas

Los Angeles isn’t fantasizing when it calls itself America’s creative capital–the numbers back it up. Economist Kimberly Ritter-Martinez rattled them off at a panel sponsored by the City of Los …

Imagination Is a City’s Most Vital Resource

If You Want to Know the Health of a City, Count the Permits It Issues for Concerts, Street Fairs, and Festivals

In hard economic times, cities need to decide what industries are essential, and what programs and services can be cut down to save resources. The arts are perennial contenders for …

Are Artists Like Fine Wine?

Aging Means Getting Older, Wiser, and Maybe Even More Creative

What inspires artists as they grow older? Do they approach their work in new ways? Do they see the world differently? Painter Charles Garabedian, muralist Judithe Hernández, and musicologist Karen …