Government Bureaucracy’s Fear of Failure Doomed HealthCare.Gov

Some California Cities Are Learning the Culture the Digital Age Requires

Three months after the disastrous launch of, there are lessons to be learned. But what are those lessons? And can California citizens and local governments learn them?

My concern for California governments in the digital age does not spring from skepticism about their interest or willingness. We are, after all, the home of Silicon Valley—the birthplace of tech start-ups. State agencies and local governments in California have been especially willing to enter the digital age. But then, so was the Obama administration. What keeps going wrong?

President Obama finds …

Transparency Is Not Accountability

Technology Can Expose Surveillance and Government Sins, But You Need Humans to Fix Them

The National Security Agency, in its surveillance, is unaccountable. But we don’t know what to do about it. Why?

At a recent meeting on Capitol Hill, a young Congressional staffer offered …

Why California IT Keeps Crashing

Governments Waste Hundreds of Millions; The Fix Lies in Working With Other States

Even as California governments say they don’t have enough money, they keep throwing it away—on information technology.

The courts blew more than $500 million on a new computer system—before recently abandoning …

Good Gizmos and Good Governance

Will new technologies encourage better political engagement?


Our increasing connectedness has been affecting our lives in dramatic ways. It’s also been shaping our politics. In 2008, for instance, new technology helped to vault a non-leading presidential candidate, …