Stress, Pregnancy, and Grief Shouldn’t Limit Success in School

Long Beach Is a Tough Place to Live, So I Want to Bring Health Care to My Fellow Students

In the next few weeks, a wellness center will open at Long Beach’s Roosevelt Elementary School, right across the street from Polytechnic High School. The center will have special hours that will help meet the mental, emotional, and physical health of teens. I am one of the people that helped launch the center—because I know how hard it is for students in Long Beach to get health care while also dealing with school.

During my sophomore year at Poly, I found out I was pregnant. When I told my family, …

How a Long Beach Doctor Created Social Security

The Angry Retiree Wrote the Letter That Helped Establish the Great Depression's Most Enduring Program

Long Beach, California, is known today for its terrific aquarium, for the Queen Mary, and for being the hometown of Snoop Dogg. But its greatest contribution to the United States …

Tattoos Are Proof We Exist

Amidst Change and Turmoil, Our Bodies Are the Best Place to Store Memories

Pressed up against the Pacific Ocean and the county line, my hometown of Long Beach is the last city in Los Angeles.

Since its founding in 1897, Long Beach has …

A City that Doesn’t Leave Politics to the Politicians

In Long Beach, Residents Get a Chance to Deliver Their Own ‘State of the City’

The president of the United States gives a State of the Union address. Governors offer speeches on the states of the state. Even mayors often deliver a state of the …

My Version of Hell Is a Park in Long Beach

My Family Loves El Dorado Park, But I Hate Everything About It

I detest El Dorado Park.

Yes, I understand the appeal of the park, an oasis of greenery nestled between an aqueduct and the 605 freeway on the outskirts of Long …

Where Can You Dance to the Washboard in L.A.?

The Louisiana Creole Sound of Zydeco Music Is Tough to Categorize—and Tough to Find Outside of New Orleans, Unless You Know Where to Look

It’s not every day that Angelenos stumble upon a washboard, an accordion, and a pot of gumbo all within the county limits.

Maybe that’s because they aren’t looking hard enough. Hidden …