Marijuana Needs Middlemen to Reach the Mainstream Market

A Cannabis Entrepreneur Wants to Turn an Illicit Ecosystem into an Economic Juggernaut

California’s marijuana industry will soon begin its transition from an illicit ecosystem fraught with guns, cash, and cartels into a regulated economic juggernaut.

The stakes of getting it right are high. Not only will the industry produce an expected $1 billion in annual tax dollars for youth drug prevention, restoration of the environment, and enforcement against the black market, but legal marijuana will influence the state’s economy, reshape the national market for marijuana, and likely determine when and how the rest of the United States adopts paths to legalization.

For all …

Why California Will Need Its Own Weed Cartel

The Legalization of Recreational Pot Is Doomed Without a Corporate Middleman

If California is going to transition successfully to full legalization of cannabis, our state is going to need its own cartel.

For the record (and to reassure my friends in federal …

California Stoners Are Stressing Me Out

In Transition From Prohibition to Legalization, Are We Putting Too Many Expectations on Weed?

California tokers, why are you trippin’ so hard?

You keep saying that marijuana is supposed to help manage anxiety. But those of you who work in or partake of the …

We’re All Lebowski Now

In Today’s California, the Dude—Once the Quintessential Outsider—Has Become the Mainstream

Are we becoming a state of Lebowskis?

Jeffrey Lebowski, better known as the Dude, is arguably the most successful fictional Californian of the past two decades. Created by the Coen brothers …

Who Wins the Doobie Bowl?

Super Bowl Opponents Colorado and Washington Have Both Legalized Marijuana. But Only One State Can Declare Victory.

There will be smoke at the 2014 Super Bowl—at least in the living rooms of some Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos fans. Sunday’s contest pits the two states that have …