Your Local L.A. Newspaper Feels Your Pain

On Keeping Your Ears Open to the Concerns of ‘Regular People,’ Giving the Customers More, and a Newspaper’s Civic Duty

The early 21st century has not been kind to newspapers in Southern California. But in an era of technological change and in a city of great demographic change, what kind of newspaper does L.A. deserve? At an event presented with the support of L.A.’s Department of Cultural Affairs at the Petersen Automotive Museum, Zócalo California and innovation editor Joe Mathews posed this question to Los Angeles Times columnist Sandy Banks, former L.A. city councilman and dean of Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Environmental Design Michael Woo, and Orange County Register …

My L.A. Life Through Newspapers

Living Through Earthquakes, World War II, and the Black Dahlia, One Headline at a Time

My earliest memory is of the evening of March 10, 1933. Our little family was having dinner: father, mother, me, and baby brother Raul, who was sitting in his high …

Is L.A. News Black and White and Dead All Over?

The Path to Reinventing News in Southern California Is Littered with the Bodies of Good Ideas

The idea had success written all over it.

In 2011, news organizations throughout Southern California were shedding reporters and cutting coverage in the face of faltering finances. Sensing an opportunity to …

Is Rupert Murdoch As Influential As You Think? More So.

NPR’s David Folkenflik Assesses the Career and Legacy of Australia’s Media Titan

For years, Rupert Murdoch has been “the most influential and important media figure in the English-speaking world,” according to National Public Radio media correspondent David Folkenflik, author of Murdoch’s World: …

I Hope the Kochs Buy the Times

L.A. Is Terrified Its Main Paper Will Be Owned By Rightwing Zealots. I’m Not Bothered—and Here’s Why.

As you read this, I am surely reading e-mails from my former Los Angeles Times colleagues angry about the following sentence:

I’m rooting for the Koch brothers to buy the L.A. …

Don’t E-mail This Article!

Instead, Print it Out and Drop it in the Mail

My husband laughed at me as I angled the scissors around the newspaper article for my daughter and folded it into a rectangle. “You’re actually mailing her a clip?” he …