Don’t E-mail This Article!

Instead, Print it Out and Drop it in the Mail

My husband laughed at me as I angled the scissors around the newspaper article for my daughter and folded it into a rectangle. “You’re actually mailing her a clip?” he asked, eyeing me as if I had just slid a vinyl 45 out of its paper sleeve to play on a phonograph. “My mother used to mail me articles.”

His late mother was born in 1919.

Ignoring him, I rummaged in the desk drawer for an envelope, searched for a stamp, and flipped through the contact list on my iPhone (I am …

Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis

The Art of Dropping the F-Bomb

Scott Lewis is the CEO of nonprofit news organization Voice of San Diego; he also hosts a weekly radio show and writes a column for San Diego Magazine. Before participating in a panel …

So Can Our Officials Finally Get Back To Embezzling?

A Discussion Of Where Vigilance Will Come From In a Post-Newspaper Age

Thomas Jefferson famously said that the price of freedom was vigilance; he was also quoted as saying he’d rather have newspapers without government than government without newspapers. (Once in office …

Silence of the Past

Why The Artist Told My Story

The Artist, a movie about a silent-film star facing the advent of the talkies, won Best Picture at Sunday’s Academy Awards and has captured the hearts of moviegoers with its …