A Letter From Northern Michigan, Where Remote Is Not Remote Enough to Escape COVID

A Professor Who Finds a Home in the Upper Peninsula No Longer Has the Heart to Return to the Classroom

Last winter, I felt pressure and spasms beneath my breastbone and went in for a cardiac stress test. Two days later, I left the hospital with a stent in the circumflex coronary artery and a plastic pill organizer packed with statins, blood thinners, and beta blockers. I had been a hale 63-year-old who hiked miles each day, lifted weights and ate and drank sensibly—most of the time, anyway. Now I’m a high-risk senior with a pre-existing condition, a baby boomer presenting a bullseye to COVID-19.

At my age, some physiological organ …

Eduardo Porter and Cynthia Greenlee | Zócalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

How Has Racism Shaped the American Economy?

Eduardo Porter and Cynthia Greenlee Discuss Institutional Failures and a National Lack of Empathy

What is the relationship between American economics and American racism, and can it be severed? How will systemic racism, past and present, slow our emergence from the current downturn? New …