What’s Behind California’s Sudden Urge to Help the Homeless?

It’s the Rich, Now Crowded Next to the Destitute in the Housing-Crunched State, Who Are Driving Politicians’ Newfound Attentiveness

How did homelessness suddenly become such a hot issue across California? There are many reasons, and few of them have anything to do with people who are homeless.

Those reasons—economic anxiety, budget surpluses, tax schemes, housing prices, prison reform, health care expansion, urban wealth, and political opportunism have combined to create today’s “homeless moment” in California.

For decades, combating homelessness has been a civic obsession in the San Francisco Bay Area, with its long tradition of progressive politics and generous homeless services. Now that homeless hubbub has spread statewide. To the …

California’s New Homework Assignment Is a Waste of Time

New Local Plans Handed Down by the State Just Further Complicate Our Education System

Don’t tell my kids I said this, but it really is OK for Californians to skip homework assignments—if they come from Sacramento.

If you’ve lived in California for the past two …

Professional Football Has a California Problem

Three Teams Want to Come to L.A., but I've Got Better Ideas

Pro football has a “California problem.”

So say some of the most powerful people in the sport. And as a new National Football League season kicks off this weekend, they are …

Capturing Smiles Can Change Your Life

Teaching Kids How to Focus on Beauty Encourages Them to Improve Their Worlds

I grew up viewing life as hopeless. At my high school in South Sacramento, you were a jock, a loner, a gang member, or an all-star. I didn’t seem to …

Has the Affordable Care Act Fulfilled Its Promises?

A Year Into the New Healthcare Landscape, People Have More Choices and More Access—for the Most Part

A year ago, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was launched with an abundance of promises to Californians: People with preexisting conditions would no longer be denied coverage from health insurance …

Why the State General Fund Is Mad at You

California’s Fiscal Backstop Breaks Its Silence to Lash Out at Special and Rainy Day Funds, Reforms, and Reports of Its Own Volatility

It’s time for you to stop picking on me, California.

For most of the past dozen years, I was badly in deficit. I heard all the talk—about how my shortfalls were …