Bogotá, My Home Away From Home

I Began My Trip to Colombia as a Teen Feeling Lost, and Ended With a New Sense of Belonging in the World

After finishing seventh grade, I found myself at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, where my mother put me on a plane headed to Bogotá, Colombia.

It wasn’t as crazy as it might sound. I was a blonde, fair-skinned California girl, daughter of a Colombian mother and an American father, with a very superficial understanding of my mother’s culture and language. The plan was for me to spend six months in Bogotá with my Aunt Olga, learn Spanish, and then return home to finish the year at my French …

Will We Fracture the Internet?

Unless We Curb Our Addiction to Surveillance and Secret Hacking, We Might Not Have a Choice

Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff’s recent indictment of the United States’ cyber-spying practices has profound global repercussions for the U.S. vision of a borderless, open Internet.

What makes this backlash especially potent …

Back in Colombia—and on the Gringo Trail

Coming of Age in Bogotá Felt Special. Now People Are Flocking to My Narnia.

Victor Cañas is sitting on an old wooden bench in the shade across from Bar Quindio, a pool hall lined with waist-to-ceiling windows that opened 90 years ago—about the time he …