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Why San Diego and The Donald Are on a Collision Course

United by Patriotic Spirit, Divided by Trump, the Border City Could Become a Battleground

By Joe Mathews

If you wish to inspect the front lines of the conflict between Donald Trump and California, head for San Diego.
    Yes, it’s true that the Golden State’s fight against the president has so far taken place in the courts and in cyberspace. And, sure, challenging The Donald’s legitimacy is not a mere local pastime but an all-consuming statewide prizefight. But as a matter of geography, culture and economy, the California-Trump War feels more intimate, higher-stakes and potentially destabilizing in greater ...

We'll Always Have (the) Paris (Accord)

Economic Necessity Gives Hope That the Global Climate Agreement Will Endure

By Jerry Nickelsburg

The United States is out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the Trump administration says we will burn coal and fossil fuels if we like, and no one will tell us otherwise.
    The United States, we are told, will have a burst of economic growth, now that it is unshackled from an agreement that required (suggested is more accurate) our nation to do too much while other countries did not do enough. Hours after the announcement, Vice President Mike Pence stated on Fox News that this was “for American jobs.”
    But there are questions about all of these claims, especially the one about what leaving Paris might mean for the economy and jobs. ...

Connecting California/Joe Mathews

  • Is A/B Product Testing Turning Us into Silicon Valley's Lab Rats?

    The Tech Industry Says It's Helping Us Shape the Future, But Our Clicks Could Entrap Us

    A: Test me all night, baby.
        No, really. Sign me up to be the subject of A/B testing. I’d even be willing to sign a blanket consent form, right now, so that all of Silicon Valley’s biggest brains can test me for the purpose of improving the human ...

  • What California Festivals Need--More Garlic, Less Gaga

    In a State Overrun with Coachella Clones, Small and Local Beats Big and Corporate

    You heard it here first: The next bubble to burst in California, perhaps even before Silicon Valley and real estate, just might be the festival bubble.
        The festival economy is growing so fast that it runs the risk of overheating. Even ...

  • L.A.’s New State Historic Park Is Both a Miracle and a Missed Opportunity

    To Fix It, We Need Big Donors. More Trees Would Be Nice, Too.

    Riddle: When is a miracle also bound to be a disappointment?
        Answer: When the miracle is a project of the state of California.
        A case in point is the recent opening of the Los Angeles State Historic Park, an event that contains many miracles. ...

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