Pope Francis Is Making a Big Mistake

Visiting America and Skipping California Is Like Going to Italy Without Seeing Rome

Dear Pope Francis,

You may be infallible, but your scheduler? Not so much.

The itinerary for your highly anticipated trip to the United States this September defies belief: You are only visiting the Northeast. I guess it’s understandable that you’d attend a major conference on families in Philadelphia, and no one can begrudge you a Manhattan stop to address the United Nations General Assembly. But a D.C. visit to speak to a joint session of Congress? With all due respect to your considerable powers of persuasion, God himself couldn’t get through to …

Pope Francis Sends His Regrets

Why Are So Many Politicians, Religious Leaders, and Regular Folks Sending Invitations to the New Head of the Roman Catholic Church?

For Pope Francis, this has been a season of invitations. First, he toured the Holy Land, as guest of honor for heads of state, religious leaders, and ordinary people alike. …

Gay—and Returning to Mass

How a Funeral, a Pope, and the Passage of Time Brought Me Back to a Tender, More Forgiving Church

I set foot in a Catholic church today for the first time in decades. I am one of those lapsed Catholics you’ve heard about. There are millions of us around …

Why We Can’t Stop Loving Saints

We No Longer Sleep With Hallowed Bones, But Our Affection For Heavenly Intercessors Is Still Going Strong

Wildly famous. Frequently scandalous. Speakers of truth to power. Action heroes. Acclaimed by the people. Romantic, rebellious, charismatic, inspirational. These were just a few of the ways saints were described …

Pick a Saint, Any Saint

We All Want Someone Upstairs Looking After Us. Which Patron Saint Would You Choose?

It’s the week of Halloween, that legacy of All Hallows’ Eve, and sainthood is thus in the air. Many of us have role models. Some of us also have (we …

A Priest. A Nun. And Me.

My Parents’ Relationship Has Always Been a Mystery to Me. It Was Also a Miracle.

Anyone can spend a lifetime trying to understand his parents. But mine might require eternity. My dad was a priest and my mom was a nun. They met, fell in …