Hawthorne Boulevard Nash Street

Anything that Comes on the Radio, I Sing out Loud

Angel Marán

I’ve only been taking public transit for a couple years. My parents told me to watch out for people who look like they might be up to something dangerous. But I feel safe.

I’m still deciding on what I want to do when I grow up. I’d like to start my own business or something that has to do with drawing. I like to draw my own characters for anime or cartoons.

I’m on my way to soccer practice. I’ve been playing for a couple years. I’m alright. I play middle, defense, and goalie. I kind of taught myself to play soccer. I like to learn things that seem difficult. I learned piano, sign language, Japanese. And I sing. Anything that comes on the radio, I sing out loud.

Map: Hawthorne Boulevard to Nash Street

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