Westwood Boulevard Main Street

I Always Carry Two Books in Case I Get Bored

Lidia Castillo

I’m on my way back from checking out the Hammer Museum. I’d never been there before. They had these really cool spinning chairs, and I hung out there, people-watching, as different people hopped on.

There are a lot of really cool, weird people to talk to on public transportation. I also read a lot on the bus. At the moment, I’m reading Eckhart Tolle and some other books about the laws of attraction.

I always carry two books with me, just in case I get bored of one. Earlier today on the bus, a little girl was trying to read my book. So I held it on her side so she could read it, too. When she left, I knew that she had actually been reading because she said, “Thank you,” and waved at me. She was 6 years old. That was rad.

Map: Westwood Boulevard to Main Street

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