Santa Cruz Street Grand Avenue

I Won a Silver Medal for a Rack of Lamb in Sweet Fig Sauce

Saul Ayala

I’m commuting to work at Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles. I got into cooking to fund my business education. But once I started, I realized that I really loved it. So I enrolled myself in the culinary arts program at Harbor College and learned the basics. Through school, I competed in a nationwide cooking competition in Las Vegas and ended up winning a couple of prizes, including a silver medal for a rack of lamb I prepared using a traditional French technique, in a sweet fig sauce. After I graduated, I went on to work in Beverly Hills at a catering company, then at a gastropub in Chinatown, and now I cook pizzas all day long. I love it so much.

I don’t ever consider my commute to be a waste of time. I try to use every minute to enrich myself. I watch cooking videos, food shows, or business seminars on my phone. But sometimes, I rest a little during my ride.

Map: Santa Cruz Street to Grand Avenue

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