Monterey Road Colorado Boulevard

I Want to Be Independent Until the Day I Die

Toribia Flores

It’s easy and convenient for me to take public transit. It drops me off one block away from work and right in front of my house. It’s a good thing I enjoy taking the bus, because I don’t know how to drive.

I worked at an electronics company for 15 years. When they closed, I had to start from zero. I struggled finding work—they see that you’re old and don’t want to hire you. Now I’m a line cook at McDonald’s. I like my job.

I’m 64 years old and my kids don’t want me to work. But why would I stop working while I’m still strong? Once you slow down, you get sick and you have nothing to live for. I send money every month to my mother back in Mexico and I don’t want to depend on my kids to do that. I want to be independent until the day I die.

Map: Monterey Road to Colorado Boulevard

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