MLK Jr. Blvd. Washington Blvd.

I Love Huevos Rancheros

Gustaw Laskowicz

I’m from Poland, and I’ve been in L.A. for half a year. I love it. The weather is great, and the people are great. I work freelance in the film industry. Sometimes I’m doing an editing job, sometimes just working as an assistant. My work takes me all over, and I use the Metro to get there. I miss my family and friends of course, but I also miss Polish food. It’s possible to find here in L.A., but it’s not that easy. And I’m not a good cook.

I like that I can find Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese food all on the same street. I’ve been eating a lot of Mexican-style eggs—huevos rancheros. I love that.

Map: MLK Jr. Blvd. to Washington Blvd.

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