Highland Avenue Hollywood Boulevard

I Like to Make People See How Beautiful They Are

Héctor Lopez

I recently ran into one of my best friends from high school. We lost contact for many years and randomly ran into each other on Metro. It was a total surprise.

I’m coming from work as a runner at a hotel. My other career is as a hair stylist. I’ve been doing hair for three years. One day, my roommate said she wanted to braid her hair but didn’t know how. I grew up watching my auntie braid my cousin’s hair, so I think I learned it that way without realizing it. I braided my friend’s hair and she told me I had talent. So I went to beauty school to learn the trade, all thanks to her pumping me up.

I like to make people happy, especially clients who don’t see how beautiful they are until I do their hair. I like being part of that.

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