Vermont Avenue La Cienega Boulevard

Listening to the Rhythms of Los Angeles

Jesse Herwitz

I just listen to other conversations around me on the train—the overall rhythm of the way people speak. The most interesting conversations I’ve heard are the commotions, when people get upset at each other. But then the next minute I’ll hear a nice, warm conversation.

You always think of Los Angeles as a car culture, a car city. But I’m on the other side. I like to bike ride, so I alternate between Metro and my bike. I’m from New York; I grew up on trains and buses.

I always have my book in my bag. I also like to write, and sometimes if I have work to do, I’ll do it while riding. Usually after work I’m not thinking anything, but on the way to work, my mind goes crazy.

Map: Vermont Avenue to La Cienega Boulevard

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