Fletcher Drive Sunset Boulevard

I Don’t Like Driving. I’m Terrified of it, Actually

Cristela Galván

I’ve been taking public transit life pretty much all my life. I don’t like driving. I’m terrified of it, actually.

I grew up here in Echo Park. It’s changed a lot. There are new buildings and it feels different. I lived in Las Vegas for the past two years. My parents wanted to move to Vegas, so we did. But when I graduated, I moved back to live with my grandparents. I love it here.

I’m in school for cosmetology. My friends do my roots and I do the color myself. It took a whole day to get this color. At first it was red and then I got bored, so I changed it to pink. Now it’s pink, purple, and turquoise.

Map: Fletcher Drive to Sunset Boulevard

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