Normandie Avenue Ocean Avenue

I’m Tired of Parking Tickets

Alicia Noemi

I just sold my car. I’m tired of parking tickets. Also, towing. They’re just so strict!

L.A.’s got a lot of cool stuff you can do for very little money, or none at all. Like LACMA: If you go after 3 p.m., it’s free. I like just looking out the bus window and realizing, “Oh, what’s that spot?” It may be a little boutique or coffee shop I can go to with friends.

By the time I get to my destination, nine times out of 10, I realize it was all about the ride. It’s not about the destination. Some people go too fast. They’re always on the go, they don’t have time to think. I don’t even own a watch.

Map: Normandie Avenue to Ocean Avenue

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