Bruin Walk Clinton Street

L.A. Is Literally Unlike Iowa in Every Way Possible

Ryan Riley

I’m from Iowa. I moved here in September. Los Angeles is literally unlike Iowa in every way possible. The weather is different. It’s busier. Rent is ridiculously, way more expensive. But there’s lots more natural beauty here. Iowa is agriculture and farmland, which is beautiful. But there’s no ocean in Iowa.

Along with my headphones, iPhone, and a book, I usually bring my lunch on the bus. Today I had taco soup my wife made yesterday. My favorite thing she makes are her pork chops. We get the cheaper ones—thin-cut. But she breads them, and they’re good.

I miss the farm-style food at home. We’re talking mashed potatoes, green bean casseroles, baked potatoes—that kind of stuff. Also, there’s a lot more choices for barbecue in Iowa than what I’ve seen here. I mean real barbecue, not going to Silver Lake to pay $15 for a tiny sandwich that’s not really that great. There are a lot more different types of food in L.A., but not exactly the unhealthy, hearty food I’m used to.

Map: Bruin Walk to Clinton Street

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