Colorado Boulevard Avenue 56

My Son Likes Beef Tacos, I Like Chicken

Zonger Jones & his son, Zakai Jones

My son and I are coming from the Taco Spot. He likes beef tacos. I like chicken tacos with beans and rice. We’re on our way home to Highland Park. I’ll probably do dishes, clean up, and then rest. My son is probably going to play some games on the tablet—he’s a tablet person.

The key to living a good life in L.A. is to live in a centralized neighborhood. You meet people on the bus and become friends with people from the dry cleaners and the grocery store. You have your own little community.

I’m an Eagle Rock person—I do all my shopping and errands on Colorado Boulevard and I do it all by taking the bus. I have my dry cleaning with me tonight. I’m also bringing a plate of tacos for my wife. My son picked out the tacos for her.

Map: Colorado Boulevard to Avenue 56

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