Colorado Blvd Hollywood Blvd

I’m Going to Hollywood, Just For Fun

Royce Hegmiar

I’m retired now, but I worked for the L.A. Times for 39 years as an assistant manager for home delivery. I covered Eagle Rock, Glendale, and Highland Park. I know those areas better than anyone else.

I’ve been taking the bus since 2009. I used to have a car, but now I’m too old. I take the bus everywhere. I take it to visit my friends in Eagle Rock. We belong to the Eagle’s Club to help the community and the homeless. We cook free dinners on Thanksgiving.

When you’re 83-years-old, there’s not much you can do other than to watch time go by. I was taking the bus back home to Glendale, but I changed my mind and now I’m going to Hollywood, just for fun.

Map: Colorado Blvd to Hollywood Blvd

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