West Adams Boulevard Broadway Street

From the Jamaican Countryside to Inglewood

Jaron Rugley

I go to school at L.A. Trade Tech; I’m majoring in culinary arts. I want to open my own Caribbean restaurant by USC or in West Adams, where I live. My family is from Portland, Jamaica—the countryside. My favorite Jamaican restaurant in L.A. is Lee’s in Inglewood. My grandpa always used to cook goat during the holidays, and the version there is good.

I’ve talked to plenty of people on the train. They’ll sometimes ask me questions about my culture. I’ve even had interesting conversations about race.

If the train’s not underground, I’ll listen to music or go on Facebook. Or I’ll just look around and hum—sing a few tunes. And think about what I’m going to eat.

Map: West Adams Boulevard to Broadway Street

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