Monterey Road Alameda Street

I Loved Working Under the Sun, with the Wind Blowing

Salomón Sánchez

I’m from El Salto, Michoacán. I love my hometown but it’s hard to survive there. I grew up so poor. I wanted a better chance at life and I found it here. I’ve worked at Placita Olvera for 20 years as a dishwasher. My commute is short. I enjoy sitting and watching time go by.

I have arthritis in my hands from washing dishes for 20 years, but this is how life is. And you have to keep going. Before the restaurant, I worked in the fields in Lodi, California. I picked tomatoes and trimmed chile plants. That was the best job. I loved working with hardworking people under the sun, with the wind blowing in my face.

Map: Monterey Road - Alameda Street

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